The Brain Builder Program TM

Our Favorite Thing to do on Saturdays

Our therapeutic riding program was our original Saturday program; but we realized that our kiddos needed more than just a 1 hour program on Saturday if they weren't involved in ABA therapy during the week; so we created The Brain Builder Program TM and increased the program to 5 hours each Saturday that we're in session (which is 10 Saturdays in the spring and 10 in the fall).

We geared the program for children who don't receive enough outdoor play time in order to help them gain more  social skills and to improve their play skills.  

We added nature based activities and group activities along with our riding program and later added sensory activities, reading books, life skills, art and music.

The program is funded entirely by MAXimum Chances, a local foundation, and scholarships are based on income.

We schedule some of our ABA therapy clients to help the program run more smoothly, and we also try to include neuro-typical peers to model proper behavior during these sessions.

Some children who receive ABA therapy at other centers benefit from our activities, so they participate in the Brain Builder Program TM also.

Anyone interested in being included in this program needs to have a site visit to ensure that their child is a good fit for the program before contacting MAXimum Chances and going through the scholarship application.