ABA Therapy

Our ABA Therapy Program

White Bridle Learning and Therapy provides one-on-one applied behavior analysis that adheres to the standards set by the BACB and the requirements set by each client's health insurance provider.  

We provide therapy Monday through Friday during regular business hours at our therapy center and may also provide in-home therapy depending on the needs of our clients.

Most children with autism have challenges in several key areas including behavior, communication skills, social skills and reaching developmental milestones.  So most programs involve working on those skills in addition to general learning that will prepare a child to go to school.

Many children with autism have sensory processing issues and find it difficult to sit at a table for extended periods of time.  They need activity in order to learn; so we incorporate  activities into our programs and always provide activities before asking a child to sit at a table and work.

We also incorporate naturalistic learning and life skill activities into a child's day in order to ensure varied learning and  keep our clients engaged in the learning process.

Some of our children need  motor input before they're able to regulate their behavior and do work; so we take this into account to set up each child's day for success.

All of our clients go to the pool at least once a week to learn how to swim in an ABA therapy environment.  Sometimes we go to the library to check out books; go to story time yoga; or to  the reading room to spend social time with neuro-typical peers while reading to the group.

We also provide ABA therapy horseback riding; we play learning games and generalize skills on horseback.

We schedule nature walks multiple times during the day to teach children about nature and see all of the animals on the ranch and feed the goats and horses.

Payment for ABA therapy is primarily through the client's medical insurance policy; and we require a potential client to have a diagnosis of autism  from a medical doctor along with a prescription for ABA therapy before seeking approval for therapy from a client's medical insurance provider.