About Us

Our Mission

White Bridle's mission is to provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy and activity based programs that help your child improve his/her behavior; communication skills; life skills and social skills.  Our licensed, credentialed and highly trained ABA therapists, technicians and analysts work as a team to create and provide programs based on the needs of your child.

Our Programs

White Bridle offers a number of ABA therapy and activity based learning programs. 

They include: ABA Therapy; The Brain Builder Program TM; Summer ABA Camp; Winter Camp; and a Special Olympics Aquatics program that's being developed.

These programs are provided by White Bridle Learning and Therapy and our nonprofit corporation counterpart, White Bridle Therapeutic Horsemanship.

Our Staff

 White Bridle has a highly trained staff of well educated women who have degrees, certifications, and licenses depending upon their positions as BCBA's; Registered Behavior Technicians; and ABA Therapists.

Our equine and aquatics professionals carry certifications in their fields of expertise.

Our Clients

Our ABA therapy clients are early learners.  We accept children as young as 2 years old.  Most of our clients are between 2 and 9 years of age.

The children who benefit the most from our program are children who have problems sitting at a table for extended periods of time; children with sensory processing issues; or children who need  gross motor activities in order to regulate their behavior.

We understand the importance of activity with respect to learning and provide activities to help each child reach their potential in an ABA environment.

Nonprofit Programs

White Bridle Therapeutic Horsemanship has been providing therapeutic horseback riding; therapeutic cart driving with mini horses; and horsemanship programs since 2009 with the mission of providing equine-facilitated learning programs that help improve the mental, physical and emotional lives of children with autism and other developmental delays.

In May, 2018, the ranch where we provide our programs began construction of a tennis club, so our horses have gone into training or moved to other locations.  

Our fall session will start in mid-September, so we're launching an aquatics program in early September with plans of organizing a Special Olympics Aquatics team: the White Bridle Seahorses. 

We'll relaunch the horsemanship programs in spring 2019 when our best riding pony, Oreo, comes back from training where he's being trained to become a driving pony.

Brief History

White Bridle was founded in 2007 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit: White Bridle Humane Society (02-0797341).  We do business as White Bridle Therapeutic Horsemanship and plan to change our name to White Bridle Horsemanship and Aquatics in the near future with the launch of our Special Olympics Aquatics team.

Our ABA therapy business, White Bridle Learning and Therapy launched in 2015 and provides full time and part time ABA therapy.